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What's New

10 Gsps MUXDAC MD663B and MD6639 with bandwidth from DC to 5 Ghz in Hormal Hold mode (not in RZ or RF mode) are in production. More detail information are available upon request.

2 Channel 3.2 GHz MUXDAC MD223D with bandwidth from DC to 1.6GHz is in production.

New Automobile Radar Target Simulator Baseband module ARTS_BB 971 now available. Features include: 2 GHz processing bacndwidth, 4 independent simulatin targets, dynamic and static target simulations, all-in-one spectrum/power analysis, and more.

Revised MUXDAC MD657B (v1) with much improved SFDR now available. Features include 6 GSPS sampling rate, 12-bit amplitude, selectable RZ and Normal modes.

New DDS DS878 now available. Features include 4.5 GSPS sampling rate, 11-bit amplitude, selectable RZ and Normal modes.

FPGA example codes for VC707 now available for our FMC modules.

4/5/8-GSPS FMC DAC modules are available with single/double widths and single/dual channels.

Hardware averaging is available for DAQ411. The hardware accumulation engines utilizes hardware parallel processing capability and can highly reduce numerical computation time.

High-speed single channel FMC201 and dual channel FMC271 FMC modules are now available. The FMC201 can generate arbitrary waveforms at up to 8 GSPS with 12-bit resolution. The FMC271 can generate independent dual channel arbitrary waveforms at up to 4 GSPS with 12-bit resolution.

Euvis' MD653D high-speed DAC and LI370 broadband linear amplifier hit the shelves as primary components inside Advantest's new T2000 8 Gsps Waveform Generator / 8 GHz Digitizer module! See Advantest's press release here!

1-lane PCIe (Bus Master DMA) interface is availabe for DAQ413 , DAQ411 , and AWG474 .

Dual channel high-speed Arbitrary Waveform Generator AWG872 now available. Features include dual channel output sampling rate up to 8 GSPS, 11-bit DAC and 8M memory depth per channel.

High-speed data acquisition module DAQ413 is now available.  Features include 3.6 GSPS sampling rate, 12-bit ADC, 1G x 12 bit memory depth. 

New Arbitrary waveform generator module AWG474 now available. Features include 4 GSPS sampling rate, dual channels, 10-bit DAC, 2 x 1G x 10 bit memory depth.

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