Automobile Radar Target Simulator Baseband - ARTS_BB 971

General Description

The ARTS_BB 971 modules capture, process, and transmit I+Q CW waveforms with sampling rates up to 2.2 GSPS. Captured waveforms are processed to simulate automobile targets up to 4 independent targets. The processes include amplitude controls, Doppler frequency shifts, and delay/distance controls. With on-board 1 G x 12-bit memory, the ARTS_BB 971 provides time-domain and frequecy-domain analysis, such as instantaneous frequency and spectragram. The ARTS_BB 971 can be controlled by a PC via a USB interface. The clock input is a single-ended clock source CK with a minimum power of 9 dBm. The RF inputs for the receiver are comprised of two pairs of differential analog inputs, RIP and RIN, and RQP and RQN. The RF outputs from the transmitter are comprised of two pairs of differential analog outputs, TIP and TIN, and TQP and TQN. The companion API provides an interface for software system integrations.

Ordering and Pricing Information

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Operation Manual

Key Features


Module Photo:

module photo

Graphical User Interface

 GUI Application

Surpport dynamic target simulations

In dynamic simulations, four targets can be independent programmed with speeds, distances, and sizes versus time. Target simulations can be conducted with cyclic repetitions or with finite bursts. Simulations can be pause and stepped thru. In static simulation, target are programmed with preset speeds, distances, and sizes.

 Dynamic and Static Target Simulation

Measured spectrum of four targets(A, B, C, and D) with Doopler shifts.

 GUI Application

Capture time-domain waveform and Spectragram

Three FMCW incoming waveforms with different repetitions generated by AWG414 with Programmable Profile option. [1] DC ~ 400 MHz FMCW with single repetition, [2] +1000 ~ -1000 MHz FMCW with two repetitions, and [3] +400 ~ -400 MHz FMCW with amplitude modulation in three repetitions.

 Time-Domain Capture + Spectragram

Instantaneous frequency analysis

 Time-Domain Capture + Spectragram

Functional Specifications

Sampling Rate 2.2 GSPS
Processing Bandwidth 2 GHz
Standard Independent Simulation Targets 4
Dealy Range 8 m ~ 2.2 km
Dealy Resolution 13.6 cm
Velocity > +/- 1000 km/h
Velocity Resolution 1 km/hr
Gain Control 62 dB
Waveform Memory 1G x 12b
Standard Interface USB
Optional Interface PCIe

Enclosure Information

Enclosure Dimensions
Length 11 inches
Width 10.5 inches
Height 3.50 inches

Enclosure Drawings

Front view

Enclosure Front View

Back view

Enclosure Back View

Side view

Enclosure Side View 

Top view with air flows

Enclosure Top View 

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