Data Acquisistion Module - DAQ411

General Description:

The DAQ411 modules digitize incoming signals at 2.4 GSPS. The on-board DRAMs provide up to 512 M x 10 bit data memory. The DAQ modules can be controlled by a PC via a USB interface. The clock input is single-ended 50-Ω terminated with a minimum power of 6 dBm. The digitized data can be downloaded, displayed, and analyzed on a PC. The module accepts a high-speed trigger signal for operations in burst modes. Two burst modes are offered: single burst and multiple-burst modes. The multiple-burst mode allows users to capture multiple folds of signals with trigger events. The modules come with companion GUI and API.

Key Features:


The flexibility of Euvis DAQ modules to generate arbitrary patterns with high sample rates, dynamic page selection, and continuous or burst mode operation allow the ADC to be used for a variety of applications, such as:

Board Photo:

(Module photo here)

Graphical User Interface Application:

GUI Application

Functional Specifications:

ADC Resolution 10 bits
ENOB @ 2.4 GSPS 8
SFDR @ 2.4 GSPS 50 dBc
Waveform Acquisition Modes Continuous
Single Burst
User Interface USB and Optional PCIe
GUI for Windows XP and Windows 7
Type Single Ended, 50-Ω terminated
Connector Type SMA
Frequency Range Standard: 2.4 GHz
Optional: 1 ~ 2.4 GHz
Power Level 3 dBm to 8 dBm
Type Differential, 50-Ω terminated
Connector Type SMA
Input Bandwidth 100 KHz ~ 1.2 GHz
Input Level 1 Vpp Differential
Input Coupling AC Coupled
Input Return Loss 10 dB
Connector SMA
External Trigger LVCMOS 2.5V
Max Waveform Length 536,870,912 samples
Minimum Waveform Length (continuous) 8,192 samples
Minimum Waveform Length (burst) 8,192 samples
Accumulation Resolution 32 bits
Maximum Accumulation Number 65,536
Maximum Accumulation Length 16,384 samples
CLR Language Support Visual C++
Visual C#
Visual Basic
Visual J#
Variable sampling rates
On-board hardware average/accumulation

Measured data with AWG452:

524288-point FFT of chirping waveform 480 - 600 MHz generated by AWG452

Time-domain capture of a pulse sinc waveform in Single Burst Mode

3-burst capture of 3 widely spread pulses with Multi-Burst Mode

Enclosure Dimensions:

Enclosure Dimensions
Length 10.7 inches
Width 8.25 inches
Height 3.50 inches

Enclosure Drawings:

Front Panel

Back Panel

Side Panel

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